Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Little Engine That Could and Could Not! Hinson Lake Hear Me Roar!

Well...I cannot believe it is already the end of September.  Time has really flown.  I've been quite the silent blogger of late.  I plan to change that starting today :)   I've been running quite a bit, but last week was the first week I have felt like the real me.  Between the worst allergy season in North Carolina and this little thing called menopause, I've been battling just to get up in the morning and get through my workouts.  This has left little time to try and somewhat write a cohesive blog, so now that I'm back; watch out!

I have been consistently running and I feel like my back/piriformis issues are very manageable these days.  Hallelujah!  I've been good at stretching and teaching a few yoga classes a week.  Now that the humidity levels are starting to dissipate, I anticipate a good fall/winter of racing!

First race is in 2 days.  Yup.  2 days.  Hinson Lake 24 hour Ultra race.  I couldn't be more excited than I am.  It is currently Thursday afternoon and I am COMPLETELY packed for my race adventure (clothes, food, and probably too many other creature comforts).  I think because I am completely packed I felt confident enough to actually sit down and write.  Since I last blogged several other things have happened:  My daughter, Mandi, bought a house and got engaged!  We are thrilled beyond words at the exciting life she and Jordan have set up for themselves. Wedding date: June 7, 2014.  This is will joyful time and energy spent.  Another bit a news was not as thrilling, but we are beginning to see the positives; Dan lost his job almost 6 months ago and after the initial shock, great things have happened.  Many have rallied around him and he has several things "in the works".  I have enjoyed spending more time with him and LOVE having him around the house.  We've been lucky enough to take quite a few mini-vacations; a wedding in St. Louis, hiking in the mountains, and some beach time.

Hinson Lake 24 hour Ultra is a new race for me.  To be totally honest, if it weren't for some friends (Josh & Iris Sutcliffe) moving to the Pacific Northwest, I would not in the race at all.  It sells out quickly.  Yes, for you non-runners, there are other crazy people like me out there.  Anyway, I am used to the Crooked Road 24 hour Ultra, so this is going to be even more exciting.  Crooked Road has a .95 mile loop course and Hinson Lake has a 1.5 mile loop course.  I am so excited to be running more than a mile per lap.  It will definitely help my mental psyche.  I am returning to Crooked Road in November for my third year in a row, and I'm excited to see all my ultra running friends I've made there.

What is my goal this year?  Let's recap what I've done so far at Crooked Road: 56 miles in 2011, 75 miles in 2012.  My goal at Hinson is a little lofty, but I am super focused.  I am attempting 90 miles this year at Hinson Lake.  Yes.  I said it out loud to the universe.  I believe in stating your intentions out loud and on paper.  I am armed with the desire and determination to make it happen.  Now I just need for Saturday 8am to get here.  I will be posting in the late afternoon on Facebook (trying to save my cell phone battery in case I need to chat during the night with any friend who may be experiencing insomnia on Saturday night).  I have several friends that go to bed really late at night, and several friends that wake up very early.  I am hoping to bridge the gap with any insomniacs!  Hint-Hint!

My dear friend, Dena, will be running it with me.  She is just as crazy (and I feel that she's the crazier one) as me.  She has declared some goals, but I don't want to speak for her.  She is the one who chatted with me on the phone in the wee hours of the morning at Crooked Road last year.  She was talking with me as I completed my 75 miles.  I can't wait to help her get her mileage this year.  She is an amazing runner and an even better friend.  She is even nice enough to share her hubby as crew chief for us both.  Blair is one of those people that makes you smile after spending any time with him.  It's a good thing, because we will be spending LOTS of time together.  My BFF Melissa is coming down to help out in the afternoon and I couldn't be more excited to share my passion for running with her.

I am bringing my new Hoka One One shoes and can't wait to try them out for the long haul.  I have packed 4 pairs of shoes, but I'm hoping that the Hokas are it.  We shall see.  The temperature is not supposed to dip below 54 Saturday night, but the high will be 79.  That's a little warm for running, but I will do my best to hydrate each loop.  I will be armed with lots of fluid, Fellow Flower in my hair (black one), Marathon compression socks,  and my Runningskirts skirt!

It feels great to be back writing, so I plan on setting aside some time each week to recap the running adventures I call life.  Catch you on the other side of 90!

Get Real.  Get Moving!

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