Friday, January 8, 2016

2016: Oh Boy What a Year Ahead!

It seems crazy we have  finished the first week of the new year.  Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.  Did you make any?  Without further ado, I did:

I agreed to complete 2016 miles in 2016.  I ran over 2,000 miles in 2014, but I actually did not even keep track in 2015 which may have led to  laziness less miles this past year.  I did not race in an ultra marathon last year and I only competed in 1 marathon; TCS NYC Marathon.  I paced and raced a few half marathons.  After my whirlwind year in 2014 my 49 year old body needed some time recover.  I feel energized and ready to tackle this year's goal.

I joined an online group to help keep me accountable.  As I usually tell people, I spend much of my time holding others accountable, so I frequently neglect myself.  Not this year.  This is my golden year. 50.  I am still swirling that number/word around in my mouth.  Haven't decided how I feel about it yet. But (if you know me) I'm going to make it EPIC!

Back to the online group.  I love seeing inspirational photos, quotes and funny stories from this group.  They live all over the world and it is nice to see snow, beach and all weather in between.  I also see this as a cautionary tale;  1 person's ultra is another person's 5k.  Translation: Remember the tortoise and the hare story?  Not every day should be a run day for everybody. Rest and recovery is key to longevity in this sport.  I should know.  I've been running for 40+ years now and I am rarely sidelined with an injury.  The few injuries I have experienced in my life were from tennis and not running.

Creating goals are great. Goals shared with like minded people are even better; till they are not.  Be careful.  I am hopeful that everyone is listening to their body!  Okay. I will stop preaching.  I will say this, however, this group got me out the door the other day when it was 24 degrees at 5:15am for a speedy (because I was cold!) 5 mile run.  All the posts from the midwest were reminding me I can be tough and handle a little cold weather running!

Last weekend I kicked off the running year with 50k with some running friends.  We were the "Blister Sisters".  We were an all female masters team and finished in 3:49:xx.  It was cold, but fun.  Salem Lake has always been one of my favorite places to run so it was especially great to run it with a great group of ladies.  This photo is missing my running friend, Dena.  She got to sleep in, arrive, kick butt and leave with our hardware for winning our division.  I am sandwiched in between my friends, Jen & Jeriann.  They may look adorable, but they are speedy ladies!

I am signed up to race the Wrightsville Beach half marathon in March.  I will pace the 1:45:00 group in the City of Arts Half Marathon in Winston-Salem on April 2nd  with my friend, Jeriann.  We have way too much fun pacing together.  I am pacing the Raleigh Rock and Roll half marathon on Sunday, April 17th.  The only other (little, haha) event I am signed up for so far is the Hinson Lake 24 hour Ultra.  I ran there 2 years ago and completed 92.7 miles in a little under 23 hours.  I look forward to attempting a 100+ this year.  Here is Dena and me at the start of the Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra 2 years ago.  We had a blast.  I look forward to making memories in 2016.
I always love hearing what goals/resolutions others make for the new year.....I want to make a vision board with your responses....please take a moment and comment!

Happy Running!

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