Friday, January 18, 2013

Conversations on the Run.....

It has been raining 4 days straight here in Greensboro.  I know you do not need another weather forecast.  But I've been doing some 'inside' work this week.  It's not that I hate the rain, it is that I hate a cold rain.  Let's face it, my moving North Carolina 20 years ago next month is due to the weather.  I will put up with a few days of nastiness to stay here.  I've been lucky this week,  we had our BodyPump 84 launch at 2 of the 3 facilities I teach. I had much needed memorization time and the treadmill is THE place to do it.  We set up our workout room at the house with a nice TV/DVD area right in front of our treadmill (Thanks, Dad & Sandy) and elliptical.  I can become somewhat comatose learning the routines. An hour will fly by and I've accomplished 2 things from my to-do checklist.  What did I ever do before Les Mills?  Don't you just love checking things off your list?

Well, I used to watch television series on DVD's or movies from Netflix but now I even find them tedious.  Sometimes I have to drive to the YMCA or the Club at Green Valley to accomplish my mileage because I get sidetracked at the house.   I am the queen of procrastination sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, I love to run.  I've been running since 7th grade competitively, so it's easy to take an extra day off here and there.  Many of my running friends don't understand how I can possibly deviate from the plan.  Plan?  What plan?  I don't 'do' plans.  Plans would make me crazy.  The only plan I have this Spring is to do more speedwork.  Do you hear that Pat, recover from Disney already.  Okay?

This week I reconnected with a high school running friend, Kenny.  He did not go to Woodward High School, he went to Richard Montgomery.  Our schools were about 5 miles apart.  Our 2 coaches were friends and we hung out and trained all the time.  I have not seen nor heard from Kenny in almost 30 years.  Kenny was my racing rock.  He was the only one who understood my nervousness before each and every race no matter how small or big the race(s) was.  It didn't matter if I was favored heavily, each and every race was a test and I was about to be graded.  I have severe text anxiety.  Kenny was who I strived to be most like.  Kenny was incredibly supportive and was calm before every race.  Throughout the years I have had hundreds of conversations with Kenny while I'm running and/or racing.  I think mainly because it calms me down when I'm racing like a security blanket.  I also think about how great it would be to introduce him to my best friend in the whole wide world; my husband Dan.

Is there someone out there you aspire to be like and they don't necessarily know it?  What conversation streams through your head when you run?  I couldn't be the only one who's mind wanders during a run.........

This week's workout:
ran 11 miles, 7:45 pace
ran 14 miles on treadmill, sub 7 avg. for 3 separate workouts (4.5, 4.5, 5 miles)
ran 3 recovery miles on the treadmill, 8:45 pace
30 minutes stair climber (revolving stair tread) avg 8.8 floors/min:  2717 feet.
Taught 8 BodyPump classes
Taught 1 Yoga class (I need to do this more!)
Hula Hoop 30 minute class.....Yes I did.  More on that next week with my friend, Christie!

Have a great weekend, as for me I'm headed to the beach for some rest, relaxation and getting away from this snow!

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