Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Power of a Solo Run

All week I wasn't sure what my running plans for the weekend were going to bring.  I leave for Myrtle Beach this weekend, so I wanted to give my husband the wheel on what we were going to do this past weekend.  We ended up having a low key Friday night, so I thought I would run Saturday morning with some of the Sole Sisters who had planned an 8am run from Panera.  Hot coffee, bagels and great conversation....who could ask for more?  Well....evidently I didn't ask enough because I messed up.

I got to Panera early so I could do 2 miles before meeting with the group because they were only running 8.  I didn't plan very well and took an Ipod in my mitten because sometimes I like to listen to music when running alone.  It was a cold morning in the low 30's; I needed music.  My shuffle, my pink nano and my other pink older nano all needed charging, so the Ipod touch would be perfect for the 2 miles.  A mile and a quarter into the run as I was making my way back to the Panera parking lot, I realized the group had decided to run on SUNDAY morning, not Saturday. 

I laughed at my blonde hair and decided that maybe this was some sort of divine intervention.  I needed more hills in my workouts these days, so I was determined to keep running.  I turned toward one of the longest hills in Greensboro with a smile on my face.  I was not only going to run a hill, I was going to see airplanes.  I was very comfortable running and told myself I didn't care about time, etc., as long as I logged 10 miles.  I can sometimes become a slave to my Garmin watch; pace, avg pace, etc.  I really, really enjoyed this run.  I'm thinking it is because I didn't analyze my watch.  I'm thinking I was running with just myself so if I needed to slow down on the hill, I could slow down.  I didn't have to worry whether or not I could keep up with anyone or not.

I sang out loud a couple of times and stayed warm thanks to 'hot hands'....what would my Reynaud fingers do without them?  I was actually smiling when I finished.  I then looked down at my watch and realized I averaged a 7:39 mile and smiled even bigger.  My new slogan, "Hills:  It's What for Breakfast"!   I grabbed some bagels and coffee for Dan and myself and went home.

The lesson I learned?  Running with friends is great, but running solo can be empowering.  Every single day is/can be an adventure....enjoy the ride!

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  1. I do love having company on a run, but hate feeling that I'm holding someone back or making them run faster than they want to. Great solo run out there, sounds like it was good for the mind!