Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Half Throttle

What do you do when you cross a person who is usually wide open 90% of the time with a person trying to ease back into their normal routine?  Half Throttle.

Half Throttle is the title I have given myself this week.  I spend my days motivating others through  personal training or teaching classes.  I am a "wide open" kind of girl.  I usually do not know any other speed, except when I am teaching yoga.  I look the love on people's faces when they attend one of my yoga classes for the first time after being subjected to my "evil twin" in one of my BodyPump or Extreme Interval classes.  I still fondly recall a comment from a runner friend who came to my class and kept smirking throughout because they were waiting for my real voice to emerge.  When I finally figure out how to add videos and other sidebars to this blog site you will be able to experience it yourself with some quick health tips and some exercise ideas.

Back to half throttle.  I am good at digressing.  Well, some of my Sole Sisters call it my "squirrel moments".  I have been cutting back on my teaching schedule so I can slowly regain my speed, strength and endurance after being sick with the Flu and Bronchitis.  I have not been cutting back on my running.  I am running more days per week, but less mileage than I have been lately.  Now that I am completely recovered from my ultra and illness, it's time to get back my speed.  I want to compete in the Masters National Track Meet in 2014 which is being held in Winston-Salem, NC.  I want to go back to competing in the 1500 and 800.  I think adding more speed training will help me get back under 1:28:00 in the half marathon.  I want to accomplish all these things before the dreaded  5 0  ....I need to state my goals on paper so that I will hold myself accountable.

I love setting goals....do you?  Success or failure of goals give you a purpose.  My personality is too competitive to allow for failure to come too easily.  Navigating a way towards success is much more fun.  Are you going to set some goals for 2013?  Remember that a lofty goal needs smaller victories along the way to help motivate and dedicate yourself toward success.  The goals I want to achieve next year are still in the nebulous planning phase.  I still have 13 days left!

I am really enjoying my runs lately.  The weather has been bouncing around from 30-60's.  I am not complaining per se, but my sinuses are not as adaptive.  Catherine (Cac) has been a great addition to my running this year.  We have very compatible running styles; she runs and I try and keep up.  Literally.  She has one speed.  Some days I can handle the speed, other days I am searching for rope to tether me to her so she can drag me along the pavement.  I am not sure Greensboro motorists are ready for that visual.  I usually enjoy running hills, but when I run with Cac I search out the flattest possible routes so she doesn't hear me gasping for air.  Let me just state here that Greensboro has quite a few hills in it.  I am guessing that is why they call this the Piedmont Foothills. :)

Seeing as today signifies exactly one week before Christmas, I think I better get back to shopping, wrapping and baking.  Tomorrow my husband, Dan, goes under for a procedure to fix his hiatal hernia and scrape his ulcer scars.  Any prayers for him are welcome.

Exercise Log for the week:

5 BodyPump Classes
1 Yoga Class
Running (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Looking forward to adding more exercise next week!

In health and wellness,

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