Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A little Old School Upper Body + Core workout

Hey there-
It's been a while since I have seen faces in person!  Hope everyone is staying well and safe.  I wanted to offer some quick advice during this pandemic:  KEEP EXERCISING!

Your body needs an avenue where you can relieve some built up tension.  Working out is free and safe.  Today's workout is with dumbbells.  If you do not have any, cans of food, old milk jugs, etc make good substitutes.

Keep exercise and positive emotions a priority to buffer against depression (Dolphin, Steinhardt, & Cance 2015).  Schedule your workouts in your daytimer to hold yourself accountable.  Don't let the day just slip away.

This workout is about 26 minutes long.  Grab a mat, weights and water and join in at your own risk :)

You can also check out some of the meditation podcasts here:

Keep it going!

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  1. Great post. social media I love the informative style you adopted. Clear and easy to understand.